The miscegenation in Mexican food

The miscegenation in Mexican food


Mexican food is almost always multicultural


From the time of the conquest, Mexican food took a turn thanks to the cultural exchange that took place between countries. It was the gastronomy one of the things that caused that this historical event could also have exchange and flowering.


At present there are many dishes of Spanish food that have been mexicanized or vice versa, and there are many Mexican restaurants that have become multicultural in order to give diners mestizo flavors of the highest quality.


Mixing ingredients from Spain and Mexico is already a great tradition for many restaurants. The indigenous tradition together with the Spanish heritage have allowed us to create extraordinary dishes with a unique flavor, hand in hand with our mayoras . Mexican food is proudly multicultural and that makes it very interesting, especially because it has been able to preserve their flavors, colors and traditions without surrendering one iota, but not without leaving aside the news that the Spanish food usually offers.


To Spanish food we owe, for example, the introduction of wheat, rice and cattle and pigs, which was very well combined with the bases of Mexican food , which are beans, chili and corn. It also found a balance between the spicy and light taste of Mediterranean food, giving the flavors a unique touch in the world.


For example, “Canarian” style shrimp tacos would not taste the same without the combination of Serrano pepper julienne, but not without bacon fritters either. These are a great example of that combination between the Mexican and the Spanish. The great cultural variety that can be found in a single bite, is what distinguishes us from all Mexican restaurants.

Mestizaje in Mexican food will always be important, natural and representative. We should be proud that our base ingredients combine with everything and get along with what comes from abroad, because that allows us a gastronomic enrichment out of series. In Los Canarios we understand it very well, and we celebrate it.