Nutritional therapy



Resulta ng larawan para sa nutrition


Nutrition is the basis of the body. Without proper nutrients and water, the body can not build, repair and renew. In other words, stay healthy. Every body has specific needs and therefore a tailored diet is important.

With the right nutrition, you can give the body a boost. No matter how big your complaint is. The impact of a tailored diet is great, both physically and emotionally: you’re comfortable with a healthy and well-nourished body!

During consultations I take ample time, I show what nutrition in the body does and why you feel that way. This will increase your motivation! With an extensive advice that fits your lifestyle, you get to work and with that you have quick results. I accompany you as long as you need a stick behind the door. We do this during consultations where advice is adjusted or broadened, and also between the appointments I am available for questions.


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Course Healthy Child Nutrition



In this course you learn in 4 evenings about natural nutrition and the children’s body from an Orthomolecular vision, combined with holistic insights. 

The child’s body really works differently than an adult body, because it is constantly growing. This growth can only take place if the right building materials and additives are present. In this course we will go deeper into this. What exactly is the effect of digestion? Where can you, as a parent, pay attention to the child to learn what the needs are? And when do you set limits around nutrition and when not? 41908816 Kids cooking fresh vegetable salad in a white kitchen Children Stock Photo

Of course you will learn a lot of practical tricks with which you can motivate your child and learn how to eat healthy. Every development phase needs different needs and tricks. We discuss daily business, how to map out a food policy and how you can deal with bystanders who have a different dietary style. You discover your own limits and those of your child (ren) yourself and learn to monitor them.

As with any course or information, we go into the material sufficiently deeply. Because knowledge gives strength, power to choose for the health of your family! At the end of the course you know enough to make your children grow smart and healthy.

You learn, among other things:

– how the child digestion works
– which diet suits the child’s body and where you get it
– compose a family food pattern yourself
– simple cooking with nice recipes
– how to get your child (ren) to the vegetables
– what you can do with food during illness
– how you can lovingly deal with ‘difficult eaters’

The course is supported with an extensive course folder, which you can later use as a reference book. You will of course also find various recipes here.

The course program is as follows:

1st evening: The child digestion

2nd evening: Sugars, ’empty’ food and nutritious foods

3rd evening: compose a family food pattern

4th evening: Healthy baking, food at school and on the go

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Child-friendly finger food recipes

In the weekend I find the delicious finger food on the table during a game or lazy for a fun family movie. It is a nice moment to bring variety in the diet by serving delicious healthy snacks. In such a cozy atmosphere is automatically eaten well and suddenly new things are tasted!

Last Saturday, I decided to devote myself to some new recipes in the kitchen. With 3 requirements: healthy (vegetable!), Simple (no complicated ingredients) and fast (ready in a jiffy).

I like to share with you the made and approved (by very strict toddler) snacks.

Red beet spread on toasted bread 


Resulta ng larawan para sa red beet spread on toasted bread

  • 3 raw red beets
  • 1/2 onion mediocre
  • 1 pickle
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 tbsp olive oil extra virgin (organic!)
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise without sugar (Ton’s mayo fresh acid)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce (not necessarily needed)
  • Snuff salt
  • 3 slices of sourdough bread

Peel the beet and cut into cubes of approx. 2 × 2 cm. Steam done in 20 minutes. OR boil the beets in the peel, let cool, remove the skin and cut into coarse pieces.

Put the beet together with all the ingredients in the blender or food processor and smooth. Taste and bring  possibly even with some extra salt.

Toast the bread and cut into pieces of 3 × 3 cm. You can separate any broken pieces.

Spread the spread on the pieces of bread. Put the remaining spread in a tray as a dip for the broken pieces of bread.

The spread can be stored in the fridge for approx. 2-3 days.

Dip for raw vegetables 

  • 3 tbsp crème fraiche
  • 2 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1-2 tsp Mexican herbs or Tandoori herbs or Curry spices
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp ginger syrup
  • Pinch of salt

Put everything in a nice container and stir well. Taste for a moment and if necessary season with extra spices.

Delicious dip for: cucumber slices, carrot sticks, celery sticks, cooked green beans etc.!

Fast stuffed eggs


Children often find egg yolk a bit weird in the mouth and therefore prefer protein. With this recipe you will circumvent that and the egg yolk will suddenly start! And let egg yolk be the most nutritious part of the egg! 

  • 4 eggs
  • 1.5 t sugar-free mayonnaise (Ton’s mayo fresh acid)
  • 1.5 cubits of zoiloze curry (Your Organic Nature Curry Ketchup)
  • 1 tsp egg herbs (Fritatto herbs Pit-Pit or Low-sodium egg herbs from Versteeghen, this is without salt)
  • Pinch of salt (Himalayan or Celtic)

Boil the eggs (something is soft, but it is not necessary, the protein should certainly not be liquid anymore).

Peel the eggs, cut them in half and put the egg yolk in a container. Put the egg halves ready on a plate.

Prepare the egg yolk as finely as possible. Mix with the remaining ingredients to a smooth paste.

Fill the eggs with this mixture, enjoy. You can serve the leftover as a dip with some cubes (goat) cheese!


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What is organic food?

What does natural food stand for? Organic food stands for fresh, pure, honest and organic food in which varied food is important. If you use food correctly, it can bring you a lot, because you get all the nutrients that we need. It feeds instead of filling it just like most supermarket products do. You eat from the season, unprocessed and without additives.

You choose organic food if you want food to contribute to your physical and mental health. Organic food has a lot of influence on your overall health. In this way you are entitled to your self-healing ability and your vitality is also strengthened. Furthermore, organic food is also richer in taste.


Resulta ng larawan para sa detox food


You are what you eat. So do not be fast, cheap, easy or fake

It is grown with respect for humans, animals, plants and earth. This is done by giving the animals a lot of living space, allowing them to grow at their own pace and no limbs are amputated like horns and beaks. Nor do the animals receive preventive antibiotics. With plants, among other things, they can grow at their own pace without the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizer. Also crop rotation takes place so that the soil does not deplete.

In addition to all this, the farmer also gets a fair price for his delivered products. Thus the entire cycle is happy and healthy.

You can see whether it is biological (dynamic) at the following labels:

The most common reasons that you can use natural food for include:

  • Healthy (er) lifestyle
  • Varied (er) eating pattern
  • Fatigue
  • Gastric / intestinal complaints
  • ADHD / ADD
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight or underweight
  • High bloodpressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Sleep problems
  • Binge eating
  • Acne
  • Transition
  • Allergies
  • Headache / migraine
  • Detoxing / cleaning


Of course there are many more reasons. If you want to know whether there is also an advice for your complaint or need in natural food, ask me the question, because I will gladly help you on your way to a more vital health.


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A supermarket full of temptations

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We all know it once. You come home with a bag full of groceries while you only went to the supermarket for two products …



I want to take you to the temptations of a supermarket. How is it that you always come home with cookies, chocolates and balls while this really was not the intention!

Okay, as most know, I give supermarket safaris. Now I invite you to join in your thoughts on this safari. We are not going to read labels today or look for products that fit your lifestyle, but I’ll show you how it always happens that you buy products that you did not intend ..

Well, welcome to our supermarket of choice. You can see that we have the choice between a cart and a basket. “-Tje?” Haha, yes, leave that ‘-tje’ away. It has already become quite big carts and the baskets are whole baskets on wheels. Nothing small about that. They do that so that you can take extra with you. Smart hey !?

Do you ever hurry? Then you walk through the supermarket doors with great passes. That speed is soon removed. Do you have an idea how they do that? No?
The gates of the supermarket open slowly so that you fit your speed. If you walk slowly through the store you will also see more temptations.

Okay, we are now really in the supermarket. Do you notice something? The music is slow and there is a wonderful smell. The slow music makes you fit your loop and the scent makes a substance in your body that stimulates something delicious. Again very smart. Especially when they put all those goodies at the entrance to the store in big bins. You literally run into it. They added an ‘action’ sign and your choice was made quickly. You take it and put it in your shopping basket. Whether you need it or not. It will come up once, right? You do not think about this choice for a long time. Just think about how quickly you make this choice again and again. The decision to go on a supermarket safari with me took a lot longer

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Watch your diet during the 4 days of Nijmegen –

Resulta ng larawan para sa fast sugars


The Nijmegen 4-day is a concept. It is a huge experience and experience to walk with it. Besides healthy movement you meet nice people and you can think about your own life.

But the Nijmegen 4-day course does not just happen. You have to prepare yourself well for that. Train, train and train again to keep pace. And then also hope that you will not get injured!

To avoid falling out during the 4-day, you must eat well. Low-carbohydrate nutrition can perfectly help you to finish the 4-day meal. In this article we explain why.

You have nothing on fast sugars

You can certainly use energy while walking. There is a good chance that you will go out of the way and go out and take all kinds of things with you. But be aware that you do not have fast sugars. You can find these quick sugars in, for example, cookies, chocolate bars, candy and chips.

You certainly get energy from this, but it is temporary. It is much better to go for products with complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates give energy

There are enough products to think of with complex carbohydrates. These are just healthy and give you a lot of energy for a long time. By eating a lot of it, it is no problem to walk out of the Nijmegen Four Days.

Examples of snacks that you can eat and where complex carbohydrates are in are various types of fruit (avocado, strawberries, apples and so on), nuts and seeds (unsalted), dairy products (quark and milk), fish and meat (a bit tricky maybe, but good to take along in a salad for example).


Resulta ng larawan para sa fast sugars

Easy to prepare

These products with which you can easily run out of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches are easy to prepare. They cost a bit of difficulty at the most because you have to make the right purchases. But you will be glad at the end of the walk that you have made use of this. It is your best chance to get the finish of the evening four-day event without any problems.

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Diet: Fresh food may cost more

Eighty-five percent of Germans like to dig a bit deeper for fresh food.



Resulta ng larawan para sa german food

Even though Germans are more familiar with their economy when it comes to buying food, the majority of Germans (85 percent) like to spend a little more money on fresh food. This is shown by a representative forsa survey 1 commissioned by CosmosDirekt, Generali’s direct insurer in Germany. Another result of the pollsters: Conscious consumption is established in society. For example, 82 percent of respondents prefer products from their region and 80 percent seasonal foods. Other aspects of health-conscious nutrition are also very popular among Germans. 64 percent abstain from finished products and 36 percent from sweets. Those who eat healthily also help to reduce health risks and increase life expectancy – this active, preventive behavior is now also supporting some insurers. Damaris Kleist, vitality expert at CosmosDirekt , explains: “With the Generali Vitality Program we motivate our customers to a healthy lifestyle and reward them with a premium refund in term life insurance and price advantages at numerous cooperation partners.” For example, with benefits of up to 40 percent at the online supermarket AllyouneedFresh.


The statements are fully / more correct:

total Men women 18 to 29 year old 30- to 44-year-olds 45- to 59-year-olds 60 years and older

For fresh food, I also like to spend a little more money








I prefer products from my region








I prefer seasonal foods








I refrain from finished products








I prefer Fairtrade products








I prefer organic products








I like to shop in farm shops








(Basic wage earner) I respect healthy eating at work








I refrain from sweets and other snacks








  • Food 99 KB

  • 1 Representative forsa survey “Vitality 2017” commissioned by CosmosDirekt. In July 2017, 1,505 people, ages 18+, were interviewed.


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Less food for the bin: food does not have to be perfect

Less food for the bin: food does not have to be perfect


 Every month, consumers throw away food worth 50 euros, according to the European Commission. The food waste is not only in the money. By producing food that ends up in the bin, important resources are also wasted. This, in turn, has an impact on the climate, explains Christine Lutz from Restlos Glücklich eV > Politik müsste mehr gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung unternehmen

In Germany, about a third of the food produced is thrown away every year, according to the environmental organization WWF. That’s equivalent to 18 million tons that go into the garbage . Much of the waste is in German households. Meanwhile, however, more and more people are realizing that too many foods are being thrown away, observes Christine Lutz from Restlos Glücklich eV

Your association is one of many initiatives that aim to curb food waste. In an interview with, the second chairman of Restlos Glücklich eV explains why the negligent handling of food has far-reaching negative consequences. In addition, she shows what Germany can look away from France .

With foodsharing, the tablets or the “Too good to go” app, there are more and more platforms involved in saving food. What is your experience: Has consumer interaction with food changed in recent years?

Christine Lutz: We are very pleased that there are more and more initiatives and projects that draw attention to the problem of food waste and show that there is another way. The awareness that in Germany too much food is thrown away, in my view, is getting bigger.

One third of the food we produce in the global West ends up in the bin. Each of us can make a difference and choose how to make food more appreciated. Awareness is increasing – but implementation is still a long way off.


Resulta ng larawan para sa Less food for the bin


In your opinion, what are the three most common reasons why food is thrown away?

Christine Lutz: Food losses and waste occur along the entire value chain from the field to our plates. The biggest waste unfortunately arises in private households. I think the three most common reasons are

  • wrong storage,
  • too big portions and
  • too much bought.


What prejudices do you encounter from people who find it hard to imagine eating outdated food?

Christine Lutz: Many people imagine that the rejected food was already in the bin. But sorted foods are also those in which the best before date expires or is actually not relevant at all. These are foods in which the packaging is minimally damaged, labeled incorrectly or no longer fit into the current range as seasonal items .

Her association tries to sensitize people for a more conscious approach, for example with cooking classes for children and adolescents. How could politics in your eyes contribute to reducing food waste?

Christine Lutz: I would like to see more regulation to reduce food waste to a greater extent. In France, a new law was launched some time ago, where supermarkets may in the future no longer throw away food, but are forced by law to donate it .

Of course that alone is not the solution. It also needs a broader strategy that encompasses the entire value chain, from producer to consumer . The problems can be solved in the interaction of all involved: For example, by the consumer does not expect perfect food, but consumed crooked fruits and vegetables, which is not up to standard.

Another topic is the expiration date , which is very unclear and has different meanings for the food.

Unfortunately, from my point of view, politics is not adequately addressing this issue, which affects not just us but the whole world and the environment. We not only waste money and food, but also all the resources needed to produce these foods: water, acreage, CO2. This has a negative effect on global warming . As a consumer, we can do a lot to reduce waste. Therefore, it is our special concern to spread this with education courses.

With the workshop “Trust Your Senses” you are one of the Fairwalker winners 2018. What exactly is the workshop about?

Christine Lutz: “Trust Your Senses” is an educational initiative that consists of a practical part (cooking classes) and a theoretical part for both children and adults. We would like to offer a playful and interactive learning offer on the topic of food waste and sustainable nutrition, pass on concrete knowledge and tips for more appreciation of food and stimulate a creative and enjoyable approach to the topic of food.

Especially for children, it is particularly important to learn which way their food has brought to their plate . In addition, we prepare delicacies from salvaged food and show how delicious crooked vegetables and ripe fruit can taste.

What significance does the award have for you?

Christine Lutz: We are honored to receive the Fairwalker Award. The Karl Kübel Foundation has made a lot of effort and not only put on a great award ceremony, but also created a wonderful workshop with networking opportunities. I loved all the other 13 projects and each of you deserves a prize. It’s nice to see how diverse the commitment of young people here in Germany is and I came back to Berlin full of inspiration and motivation.


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Tsipras announces that it will prohibit evictions and will give food, light and sanitation free to the poor

Tsipras announces that it will prohibit evictions and will give food, light and sanitation free to the poor


Resulta ng larawan para sa food blog

  • These measures are part of the immediate program of the Greek prime minister to deal with the humanitarian crisis.
  • It has announced a progressive rise in the minimum wage to 751 euros and a Christmas pay to retirees who receive less than 700 euros of pension.
  • In addition, people whose layoffs violated the law, such as ministerial cleaners, school guards or officials will return to their jobs.
  • It has also announced a plan to reform public administrations with reductions in spending on security, aircraft or official cars.
  • It has rejected that they want an extension of the rescue, but a “bridging loan until concluding the negotiations for a growth program”.

The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, announced on Sunday a program of immediate help to deal with the humanitarian crisis and the rehiring of public employees who were unfairly dismissed.

The plan against the humanitarian crisis would cost about 2,000 million euros The first measures from Wednesday will include food aid, free electricity and full access to the health of those most punished by the crisis, said Tsipras when presenting his Government’s program in Parliament . “Without reforms of the State we would not obtain anything, neither with the best agreement for the debt”, it emphasized at the beginning of a long enumeration of the plans that the Government will undertake, between which it emphasized like maximum priority the fight against the clientelism and the corruption.

All these measures are part of a plan divided into two phases. The first is focused on combating the human crisis , one of the pillars of the so-called Thessaloniki program. As calculated by the Government, this plan would cost about 2,000 million euros and would be financed through a better fight against tax evasion.

According to the calculations of the leftist party Syriza, the Greek State loses 12,000 million euros annually for contraband, tax evasion and debts to the Treasury. The Thessaloniki program defines the goal of recovering 4,000 million of that total annually.

The speech of Tsipras has begun the three-day parliamentary debate that will conclude on Tuesday with the vote of confidence to the new Executive.


Resulta ng larawan para sa food blog

Short-term social measures

  • Food aid Food vouchers will be offered to the most needy families.
  • Free electricity to 300,000 homes of people without means.
  • Universal access to healthcare. Access to health will be restored, of which two and a half million people were excluded in recent years.
  • Progressive rise of the minimum wage. From the current 586 euros to 751 euros . It can not be applied immediately because it is necessary to “give time to the social agents”, Tsipras has maintained, but said that it will be achieved gradually until 2016 . Another measure that the government will promote will be the reestablishment of the collective agreements that were destroyed in recent years.
  • Prohibition of evictions. The evictions of the first homes will be prohibited. “It is clear that we will not apply the promises of the previous prime minister to the troika,” he said, referring to the moratorium on evictions ending in January.
  • Pay Christmas to retirees. It will apply to those who charge less than 700 euros per month of pension. It is an extraordinary payment eliminated by the previous Government of Samaras. In addition, Tsipras promised that there will be no cuts in pensions or new increases in retirement age. To finance the costs, a fund of pension funds will be created that will be financed with the income provided by the exploitation of the natural resources.
  • Universal access to education. Tsipras is committed to improving the system and the educational level. “Education will play a fundamental role in the recovery of the country,” he said.

Officials and public TV

  • Recruitment of public employees. The people whose layoffs violated the law, such as ministerial cleaners, school guards, and university officials, will return to their jobs.
  • Reopening of public television ERT. It was closed by the government of Antonis Samaras in 2013. For Tsipras, this measure will serve to “repair the crime against the Greek people and democracy,” he said.

Reforming administrations and cutting privileges

Two weeks after winning the elections, Tsipras has also announced a plan to reform public administrations. “We are going to make the most important institutional reform with a first phase that will last the next six months,” Tsipras announced.

  • Personnel cuts, security spending … Tsipras has announced significant reductions in spending on security, aircraft or cars available to public officials. In addition, the Government will reduce by 30% the staff of the seat of the Government , and by 40% the escorts of the prime minister. “And this is not only symbolic, it is because it is necessary that the police are in the neighborhoods for the safety of citizens,” he said. Tsipras announced that the secret services will change character and name and will be called the National Sovereignty Protection Service.
  • Less privileges for ministers and deputies. “We will reduce the armies of councilors, we will eliminate half of the ministries’ cars and we will sell them together with one of the three government planes,” Tsipras said. He added that, in addition, he will ask the president of Parliament to eliminate the privilege of the deputies to have a car.

Resulta ng larawan para sa food blog

Economic measures: fight against evasion and tax reform

In a second phase, which would be developed throughout the rest of the legislature, the conditions for the application of the new social contract proposed by Tsipras would be created.

  • Fight against tax evasion. Tsipras announced that it will proceed immediately to control large deposits that do not have fiscal justifications. In addition, it announced that the laws that amnestied in advance the officials who work for the Bank of Greece and the entity in charge of the TAIPED privatizations will be eliminated. ” We will not forgive anyone and nothing of the past, ” he said to add that a parliamentary investigation will also begin to purge responsibilities on the situation in which Greece is.
  • Tax Reform. With a view to apply in the medium term, the philosophy of this reform is that each citizen and each company contributes to the income of the State according to their abilities and that ends with a situation that allowed people with the highest income to get rid of paying taxes. “We are committed to creating a simple system that will transfer the burden of taxation on the highest incomes , ” he said, adding that the exempt tax base 12,000 per year will be reset and the controversial property tax on first homes will be removed, to be replaced by one on the big properties.
  • There will be no privatizations. Tsipras assured that he wants to attract private investment, but that he will not privatize the networks and infrastructure of the country that “are our national capital, the natural and mineral wealth.” “I want to make it clear that we will support all the investments that contribute to the creation of jobs,” he said.
  • Public investment plan. The Government will develop a strong investment program that guarantees public interest and that, as requested by French and Italians, should not be included in the calculation of the deficit.

“We do not want an extension of the rescue, but a bridge loan”

On the other hand, Tsipras has expressed that “Greece does not want an extension of the rescue, but a bridging loan” until the signing of a definitive reform agreement. The Greek Prime Minister said that Greece wants to pay its debt and assured that if the partners want the same, they must “negotiate with us the technical means to do so”.

“If we agree that austerity was disastrous, the solution will be reached through negotiations , ” Tsipras said while presenting the government program in parliament, adding that debt has “exceeded 180%” of gross domestic product (GDP).

“We want to make it clear to all that we do not negotiate our national sovereignty, we do not negotiate the mandate of the people,” he stressed. “That is why the new government has no right to request the extension of this program,” said Tsipras, who explained that for this reason his Cabinet ” only asks for a bridge program until negotiations are concluded to jointly develop a growth program.”

“Many people ask me if this is possible in a fortnight’s time, we’ll answer yes , because there will be issues like debt that can be negotiated later,” he said. Tsipras reaffirmed that the intention of his Government is to achieve a new contract between Greece and the European Union that “will respect the rules of the eurozone, but will not include unrealizable surpluses that are the other face of austerity”.

The Government trusts that the line outlined by Tsipras in Parliament will serve to reach a compromise with Brussels at the extraordinary meeting to be held by the Eurogroup next Wednesday.

For now, however, the fronts seem irreconcilable, because on Friday the government insisted not to request an extension of the rescue, as demanded the eurozone partners in exchange for financial aid but rather a financial injection to serve of bridge until full agreement is reached with the creditors.

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Food intolerances: the role of wheat and dairy products

Food intolerances: diet without wheat and dairy products


Resulta ng larawan para sa food intolerance

Among the most common sources of food intolerances there are certainly farinaceous and cow’s milk. Gluten, lactose and milk proteins are the main responsible.

However, farinaceous and cow’s milk are the basis of Western food . In every family it seems that bread and milk can not be missed, not even for a day. No food is considered more harmless, healthy and suitable for the nutrition of everyone, adults and children. A diet without wheat and dairy products is almost never taken into consideration.

The gluten

 Humanity has always eaten gluten , this is true, but nowadays it is not only contained in cereals and their derivatives or in flours for industrial use. It is also used as a thickener for creams, puddings, sausages and even some medicines .

Do not digest gluten involves an immune reaction that causes the production of antibodies that are activated against our own intestine. This condition, which is known as celiac disease, causes intestinal problems.

However, another condition called gluten intolerance has been discovered. In the gluten intolerance the most commonly found symptoms can be divided into two categories.

The first involves the intestine and brings with it gastrointestinal problems such as meteorism, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation or alternately. The second causes general symptoms such as drowsiness, difficulty in concentration , mental fog, headache , limb paresthesia, eczema , depression , anemia, chronic fatigue , insomnia.

The milk

The boom in the dairy industry and the huge publicity that has accompanied milk and dairy products over the past thirty to forty years have conditioned our thinking so much that “Latt e = salute” has become our mind is an absolutely indisputable fact.

 Man is the only animal that continues to feed on milk even after weaning. This is especially true in the last fifty years, in which the consumption of cow’s milk has experienced a vertiginous surge bringing with it various intolerances.

Lactose intolerance is the most frequent cause of milk intolerance. Milk is rich in lactose, which is a complex sugar that requires an enzyme (lactase) specific for its digestion.

Lactase is present in the body of children up to five years of age. Later its levels decrease, making lactose indigestible.

What to do?


Resulta ng larawan para sa food intolerance

Once the presence of one or more food intolerances has been ascertained , how should one behave?

Lately there are two distinct schools of thought that present a diet without wheat and dairy products: the elimination diet and the rotation diet .

The elimination diet plans to eliminate the food in question for a period ranging from three to six months depending on the degree of intolerance. The food will then be reintroduced gradually, paying particular attention to any reactions in the following 72 hours. However, there is a risk of losing tolerance to the reintroduced food, which can cause allergic reactions.

The rotation diet provides for the free intake of the food to which you are intolerant. A mechanism is followed that alternates the intake for one day to abstinence for three days. However, this can not guarantee that the predisposed antigen “forgets” to be intolerant in only 72 hours.

However, neither method is definitive solutions.

To solve these food intolerances, it is necessary to follow four specific phases . These are described in detail in chapter eleven: Food Intolerances: the possible solution, as well as desirable for the health of today and tomorrow of the book Food Intolerances: the recent discoveries and the definitive solution of Dr. Alessandro Targhetta.





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