Nutritional therapy



Resulta ng larawan para sa nutrition


Nutrition is the basis of the body. Without proper nutrients and water, the body can not build, repair and renew. In other words, stay healthy. Every body has specific needs and therefore a tailored diet is important.

With the right nutrition, you can give the body a boost. No matter how big your complaint is. The impact of a tailored diet is great, both physically and emotionally: you’re comfortable with a healthy and well-nourished body!

During consultations I take ample time, I show what nutrition in the body does and why you feel that way. This will increase your motivation! With an extensive advice that fits your lifestyle, you get to work and with that you have quick results. I accompany you as long as you need a stick behind the door. We do this during consultations where advice is adjusted or broadened, and also between the appointments I am available for questions.