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Resulta ng larawan para sa healthy life

I did not have to think long about what I wanted to write my first blog about. Let me use this opportunity to describe in a nutshell how my path to a healthier way of life has gone, I thought. But how do you describe all these years in a nutshell? Nuts are very healthy indeed. I immediately think of a walnut. Bizarre but true is that the note is good for our brains and he even looks like it. Okay, I’m already wandering off now. So I never get that blog in a nutshell ..

Years ago I visited a workshop on E-numbers. This evening was the start of my thinking and my awareness was created. Mainly because I first heard how manufacturers make their products look more beautiful and better, but it secretly makes our body less beautiful and better.
My first step towards a healthier way of life was that I kicked out my baking and frying fat and traded delicious butter for it. The steps that I subsequently followed were well-organized in order not to have to work rigorously. I did not pull that. The Honig packages were also slowly eradicated. My family did have to be very patient with me during that period. Well, not so much with me, but with my cooking skills. For example, the first tomato soup was not really plumed. I can still see the faces for me. The look of “should this be healthy and delicious?” Followed even more often after more miscreations from the kitchen. Poor man and children. I can tell you that it is going fine now. They are reasonably satisfied at the table again.

By cooking more and more consciously, I also slowly filled in my new storage cupboard. All different products than what was before them. The advantage is that through all these different products you can make many different recipes instead of the standard that I bought from the ‘packs and sachets’ line.

Our taste also changed over time. We have learned to appreciate other flavors, but also to find them delicious. There are now dishes on the table that I did not have to put on the table a few years ago, because then everyone would have raised their nose for it.

I can give as a tip that there are a number of basic products that should not be missed in any kitchen. For example, a good base stock that you can make soup from, but also add to the cooking water of the rice, etc. A true seasoning. Tamari (fermented soya sauce) is also such a fine flavor maker. Especially to flavor your rice dishes and satay sauce. Love it!

Now I am very curious whether you are already on the road to a healthier way of life. When did you realize the awareness?





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