Course Healthy Child Nutrition



In this course you learn in 4 evenings about natural nutrition and the children’s body from an Orthomolecular vision, combined with holistic insights. 

The child’s body really works differently than an adult body, because it is constantly growing. This growth can only take place if the right building materials and additives are present. In this course we will go deeper into this. What exactly is the effect of digestion? Where can you, as a parent, pay attention to the child to learn what the needs are? And when do you set limits around nutrition and when not? 41908816 Kids cooking fresh vegetable salad in a white kitchen Children Stock Photo

Of course you will learn a lot of practical tricks with which you can motivate your child and learn how to eat healthy. Every development phase needs different needs and tricks. We discuss daily business, how to map out a food policy and how you can deal with bystanders who have a different dietary style. You discover your own limits and those of your child (ren) yourself and learn to monitor them.

As with any course or information, we go into the material sufficiently deeply. Because knowledge gives strength, power to choose for the health of your family! At the end of the course you know enough to make your children grow smart and healthy.

You learn, among other things:

– how the child digestion works
– which diet suits the child’s body and where you get it
– compose a family food pattern yourself
– simple cooking with nice recipes
– how to get your child (ren) to the vegetables
– what you can do with food during illness
– how you can lovingly deal with ‘difficult eaters’

The course is supported with an extensive course folder, which you can later use as a reference book. You will of course also find various recipes here.

The course program is as follows:

1st evening: The child digestion

2nd evening: Sugars, ’empty’ food and nutritious foods

3rd evening: compose a family food pattern

4th evening: Healthy baking, food at school and on the go