A supermarket full of temptations

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We all know it once. You come home with a bag full of groceries while you only went to the supermarket for two products …



I want to take you to the temptations of a supermarket. How is it that you always come home with cookies, chocolates and balls while this really was not the intention!

Okay, as most know, I give supermarket safaris. Now I invite you to join in your thoughts on this safari. We are not going to read labels today or look for products that fit your lifestyle, but I’ll show you how it always happens that you buy products that you did not intend ..

Well, welcome to our supermarket of choice. You can see that we have the choice between a cart and a basket. “-Tje?” Haha, yes, leave that ‘-tje’ away. It has already become quite big carts and the baskets are whole baskets on wheels. Nothing small about that. They do that so that you can take extra with you. Smart hey !?

Do you ever hurry? Then you walk through the supermarket doors with great passes. That speed is soon removed. Do you have an idea how they do that? No?
The gates of the supermarket open slowly so that you fit your speed. If you walk slowly through the store you will also see more temptations.

Okay, we are now really in the supermarket. Do you notice something? The music is slow and there is a wonderful smell. The slow music makes you fit your loop and the scent makes a substance in your body that stimulates something delicious. Again very smart. Especially when they put all those goodies at the entrance to the store in big bins. You literally run into it. They added an ‘action’ sign and your choice was made quickly. You take it and put it in your shopping basket. Whether you need it or not. It will come up once, right? You do not think about this choice for a long time. Just think about how quickly you make this choice again and again. The decision to go on a supermarket safari with me took a lot longer