HSV: Rich Uncle place even certain club policy

Filip Kostic should go for around 15 million euros for Hamburger SV. This is only possible by a rich patron who is advised by a player agent and a veteran. The HSV goes to a remarkable dependence.

D as the object of desire is left-footed, one can make on the wing neat vapor and intended to impart the more dynamic the Attacking the Hamburger SV. Filip Kostic, relegated last season in the Bundesliga with VfB Stuttgart, want to HSV change. An offer is already stored, also the adviser of Kostic has already sent the interest of his client. However, teams from England, Spain, and Italy should be interested in the Serbs, for the VfB to demand a transfer fee in the amount of fifteen million euros or more.

Fifteen million euros? Last managed HSV its financial needs and the self-imposed austerity of the club in the headlines. How, then, are braced such a transfer? HSV had used before he presented his mission in February 2016 seven months. The first point after the “preamble” is headed: “We follow the highest possible athletic goals – self-determined and financially sound.”

Now fixed association principles are not the actual state, but a desired, idealized version into words in the form of a mission statement, yes. The HSV was not even close in many areas of the attributions of the mission statement, the CEO had Dietmar Beiersdorfer added then. This applies particularly to the figures: From a self-determined, solid financial management were talking in recent weeks probably not even glowing HSV fans. Because in addition to the approximately 70 million euros, which the billionaire Klaus-Michael Kuehne has already invested in the club hochverschuldetem on loans and investments, there are over a month now the “Framework Agreement for quality improvement.” So is somewhat obscured the recent agreement with the 79 years old HSV fan.

Kuehne is thus ready for further approvals. The framework of figured unspecified but probably lies at 25 million euro donation Bold is somewhat curious. The association suggests possible transfers, Kuehne. Kuehne itself must then say in and takes over in favor fee and the player’s salary. The advice he can in this case by former Leverkusen manager Reiner Calmund and Player’s agent Volker Struth. The latter part of his agency Sports-total of the most influential German agents – listen to his advice about Toni Kroos, Benedikt Höwedes, and Marco Reus. Until recently, Mario Götze was one of Struth’s clients. In the preparatory talks with HSV-executive and supervisory board chairman Karl Gernandt in Mallorca and in Harbor City Calmund and Struth were already seated at the table.

Interest on loans Bold is formulated for the public only inaccurate because it is tied to future success: Only if the HSV reaches its next destination, the return to international competition, soccer AG must repay the loan to Kuehne. Hamburg missed the plans, the investor waives reimbursement.

Always Struth again

Accordingly, HSV-CFO Frank Wettstein spoke of “risk capital” Daredevil. He also stressed that the total volume of the agreement is “not conclusively established.” It was now in line to “sporting needs for several years.” Such a participation certificate model had already other clubs such as Werder Bremen in mind. Kuehne is involved in the possible economic and sporting success of the club but goes into the risk if from the beautiful plans with the Europa League or even more nothing. That he thus secures a significant say in the club, as experience shows – even if Kuehne likes denied that.

As expected, Reiner Calmund was a little less cautious. The heavyweight Kuehne knows of several cruises, we had come this week. “Three key players, a couple of boys who needs the HSV,” Calmund told recently of “time.” Names and totals wanted and he would not name. Bold value for the HSV prized Calmund however, unabashedly so: “You should not have a license without him.”

The Stuttgart Kostic would not be the first transfer, which would go through the fresh Kuehne million over the stage. Luca Waldschmidt from Frankfurt, HSV has already brought the end of June – not surprisingly, a player who is advised by Struth Agency. From Stuttgart the 18-year-old Arianit Ferati comes, the attacking midfielder is, however, borrowed the same for a season to Fortuna Dusseldorf in the second division. His agent: Volker Struth.

With all the new names and options coach Bruno Labbadia seems almost surprised that “suddenly something longer possible” in a squad, which he called an urgent improvement. And Beiersdorfer who has to cope with CEO and after the expulsion, Peter Knäbels as sporting director a host of tasks acts in his new, old job happier than before in the club’s administration. “We are pleased and happy about this great story of Mr. Kuehne,” Beiersdorfer said. “Intensive” he’ll be working at the Management Improvement.

Indeed Beiersdorfer has been properly cleaned up. With Drobny, Ilicevic, Rudnevs and Kacar big earners of the past are gone. Also, Kerem Demirbay leaves the HSV and Hoffenheim joins. For the 23-year-old midfielder, a transfer fee of 1.7 million euros is under discussion.

Sure Volker Struth he will make suggestions of all because of no matter how to fit from their own stall to HSV. Whether that is still self-determined club policy, is another question. On the other hand: Which Bundesliga club capable of Hamburg would renounce the Kuehne million, in whatever form it always flow?