Find the money for a down payment

Image result for down paymentFinding your dream home and being able to afford it are two obstacles that you will have to overcome in search of the perfect home. Obviously, when you visit, you must look for something that will go with your budget. Often, once the perfect home is found, many people do not have sufficient funds for their down payment. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get the money for a down payment.

Avoid getting into debt with your credit cards


Credit card indebtedness is the most common form of indebtedness. People do not pay off their balances, interest accumulates, and they end up with big amounts to pay back to the credit card companies instead of putting that money in the money for a new home.

Before you do anything, pay off your credit cards. Paying your balance due will allow you to no longer have to pay interest and you will save thousands of dollars that will not go to credit card companies. Your credit rating is the most important thing to get a mortgage.

Automotive Transportation

Feel free to visit homes outside of your ideal area because of the costs associated with your transportation and moving. These can reach thousands of dollars but you could save a lot by getting your car from your apartment to a more remote area where real estate costs will be much lower. There are inexpensive car companies that will save you a lot of money.

Take out mortgage insurance

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is one of many companies that are here to help you buy a home. They offer mortgage calculators that will allow you to find the maximum price that you can afford to pay for a home, depending on your down payment and mortgage. You should also take out mortgage insurance, which protects lenders from borrowers who can not repay and allows consumers to buy a home with a minimum down payment of 5%. Such insurance can help you get the funds you need for your down payment. The minimum down payment required for the purchase of a duplex is 5% and 10% for a triplex or quadruplex.

Small fish will become big

Taking a large amount of money from your account for a down payment is a monumental step. Think ahead and start saving years before you can buy a house. Most banks offer automatic transfer. You can automatically set aside a pre-established amount of money on a regular monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or frequency basis. Thus, you will not be surprised when paying your down payment and have saved a lot of money quietly.

Be flexible

Image result for be flexibleYou may be discouraged after doing your mortgage calculations. Be flexible. Do not jump into something that will put you in great debt. Wait a little longer to have more savings and a higher down payment. You will be able to have a lower mortgage. Visit houses in a lower price range. Look for your dream home but do not make this house a debt nightmare. Also ask your municipality if they offer special programs that could help you buy a house

There are many ways to save money for a down payment. With enough research and planning, this goal is easily attainable.

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Scams with credit insurance

Image result for scamHave you ever had a non-secured loan creditor ask you to pay for insurance before you receive the loan? Unfortunately, this is a scam that we see more and more often. Scammers often tend to appear when the economic situation is more difficult.

In order to help you avoid this kind of scam, we will present below all the information you need to know to better protect yourself in case you become the target of the scammers. Avoid scams by clicking HERE to submit a personal loan application with PrêtQuébec

The scam

This is how a credit insurance scam takes place. You are going to need a loan and, by magic, you come across the perfect creditor. The creditor is ready to lend you the same day, in addition to offering you more than the amount requested. How not to like that? You get everything you asked for and even more.

Then you will be asked to pay the credit insurance. Among the many lies that creditors use to force you to pay for credit insurance, the most common lie is that insurance outweighs the risk taken by the creditor. The cost of insurance varies from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. They will also ask you to transfer the money either through a Western Union transaction or through a prepaid debit / credit card.


Remember, these people are professional hustlers who will try at all costs to convince you to pay for insurance. They will tell you that it is normal practice in the industry and that any other creditor will ask you the same thing. This is of course a lie. No honest creditor will ever ask you to send him money for insurance before he offers you the loan. You must never:

  • Transfer money via Western Union
  • Give the creditor the number of a prepaid card
  • Pay any amount before receiving the loan

What will happen?

You must understand that once you send them the money, you will never find them again. If you send money to someone through Western Union or a prepaid card, it is difficult or impossible to trace and reverse the transaction. It is precisely for this reason that they request that payment be made by one of these payment methods. These forms of payment are not regulated like other transactions, it is the perfect way to rip off someone.

What to do if one has been victimized?

If you believe you have been the victim of such a scam, you should contact the local police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.

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Few jokes or better none, with the news of a tragic event

Few jokes or better none, with the news of a tragic event

the result of an irrational and not recommended, but frequent, career in pursuit of express weight loss. The quick, the miraculous, the comfortable … the dangerous. I refer specifically to that of buying pills that promise to lose weight, eliminate fat and all those things that cool a lot … on paper or rather on the computer screen.

This is the story , the tribute if you prefer, as it was published on the website of the local police, a mother who just saw her daughter die a 21-year-old daughter who had bought and ingested some slimming pills :

A tribute to Eloise Aimee Parry, written by her mother Fiona Parry:

Sunday morning dawned clear and fresh. At lunchtime there was enough wind, the strong gusts seemed to announce an upcoming storm. However, the sky was a bright blue, almost cloudless, full of promise.

At that time I did not know that ‘Ella’ [diminutive of Eloise] had bought some slimming pills on the Internet . These pills contained a substance known as DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) that is not suitable for human consumption due to its toxicity. He had taken a number of “slimming pills” over which the container recommended to take and had no way of knowing how dangerous they could be . How many of us have thought “If a pill works … taking one or two more can not hurt anyone”?

When she began to feel bad, she went on her own to the hospital where she was immediately admitted to the emergency room. My daughter told without fear and perfectly lucid the pills she had taken. At that time he still seemed to be more or less well. But these sensations changed suddenly when the toxicology report became known, revealing the true gravity of the situation. The product had been dispersed by all systems, there was no antidote , and even less knowing that my daughter had taken eight tablets, while two already constituted a lethal dose.

As Eloise’s health deteriorated, the emergency staff did everything possible to stabilize it. As the substance spread through his body, the metabolism of ‘Ella’ soared ; and although in the hospital everything possible was done to stop it … it was a struggle in vain against an enemy that was getting stronger every time. My daughter was literally “burning” from the inside. When he stopped breathing, he was given assisted breathing and they kept fighting to save her. But when his heart stopped they could not revive her anymore. My daughter burst . It took so much DNP that the consequences were inevitable. In these conditions, health personnel never had the slightest chance of saving it . My daughter was charred and burst.

Outside, the wind had stopped and it was raining meekly.

Outside, the wind had stopped and it was raining meekly.

He never intended to take his own life. He never really knew how dangerous the pills he was taking were . Most of us do not believe that a slimming pill can kill.

DNP is not a miracle pill to lose weight. DNP is a lethal toxicant. It is similar to TNT in its structure. The TNT is an explosive. DNP causes the metabolism to explode until it explodes to the point of risking our lives.

This overwhelming story could have had another end … or directly never happened if this poor girl had had the luck (or interest) to form a contrasting opinion about the dangers of doing what she finally did.

The question of information

The question of information

Among many of the characteristics with which we can define our time, we could say with little doubt that we live in the information age . But this particularity, virtuous in certain occasions, becomes defect and danger when the volume of information is of such magnitude that it prevents or hinders the threshing of it. We have a lot of access to a lot of information … but both the good and the bad, and sometimes it becomes difficult to discern one from the other. Especially when in the case of misinformation there are often overlapping interests (or not so overlapping, the chrmatics are usually the most common) so that this, the inconvenient information, actually appears especially attractive and resplendent … even more than that which is valid

I bring all this up because a recent study has highlighted the important and beneficial role that some blogs can play. I refer to the advantages of following sources of information more or less contrasted and therefore more or less valid, when approaching or maintaining a healthy eating style. Thus, the study Exploring Women’s Beliefs and Perceptions About Healthy Eating Blogs: A Qualitative Study (Finding women’s beliefs and perceptions about healthy eating blogs: a qualitative study) highlighted, among many others:

This sample of 33 women positively assessed the credibility of those healthy eating blogs conducted by registered dietitians-nutritionists, as well as the possibility of contact with these professionals and that this type of media makes possible. This type of blogs could provide an interesting starting point with empirical support for the design of interventions aimed at the prevention of chronic diseases related to eating styles.

The study itself has many gaps: the sample is very small, in addition to certain socioeconomic characteristics and not others, the analysis is made from just 4 blogs, etcetera. But of course it seems to me an interesting starting point to highlight the work that many of the blogs written by people with qualified criteria can be doing.

I am convinced that if in the case of Eloise Aimee Parry there had been a greater presence of reliable blogs in her language that warned of the dangerousness of her behavior, the probability of ending up as it would have been much lower. A pity in any case and that in my situation invites you to grit your teeth and be more convinced if I can work.

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